Salute to the Nation

21 point salute to the nation

Alex Zimerman, candidate for Seattle City Mayor, believes that this plan can bring 2 billion dollars per year back to the people.

1. RENT – 50% of apartments for people who make less than $40,000 and rent cannot be more than 30% of income.
No taxes for builders or landlords. With this change, the rest of the 50% of people will pay 30% of their salary and everyone will be equal to American standard.

2. STOP TAXES ON SALES LESS THAN $100 – No taxes on food and goods under $100… millionaires have too many tax cuts. It is time for the poor and middle class to have the same.

3. STOP CORPORATE CONTROL – Stop the influx of corporations like Amazon and Vulcom and move these companies from downtown. This can fix many city and transportation problems.

4 . IMMIGRATION – Stop illegal immigration. This cost too much and causes to many problems.

5. CITY SALARIES – All elected officials shall make no more than $40,000 per year and average citizen income for all Seattle City Management. I will work for free and all management I hire will only be from the City of Seattle.

6. TRANSPIRATION – Free public transportation for every citizen in Seattle. We pay enough Billions and Billions for Sound Transit, tunnel and bridge.

7. INSURANCE COMPANY – Establish a city insurance company for all cars and housing.

8. ELECTION FINANCE REFORM – Restore freedom of speech with open Bertha room in City Hall every week for public conversation and an honest forum for elections. This can neutralize Citizen United. No more than $10,000 may be spent on campaigning for elections.

9. Q & A- All elected officials are supposed to have minimum 4 Q/A meetings a year, judges included.

10. VOLUNTEER PUBLIC COURT – Establish a public court to monitor and evaluate ALL elected officials.

11. STOP WASTEFUL, LARGE PROJECTS AND SUBCONTRACTORS- Stop Tunnel, 520 and Arena, etc. and over payment of government subcontractors who steal the people’s money.

12. TWO TERMS, THAT’S IT – No more than 2 terms for or EVERY elected official to stop total corruption.

13. MINIMUM VACATION – 3 week vacation for every worker and 6 to 8 months maternity payment to all parents.

14. DISTRICTS- All businesses are supposed to pay for small infrastructure upkeep, which will be directed by district council.

15. ALL GREEN LINE – During rush hour, all streets that go to I-5 or 99 will have a green light.

16. TAX & LICENSE BIKES – A tax and license on all bikes and tax millionaires.

17. SELLING HOMES – A person or Corporation may only sell 3 houses per year. We need to stop housing speculation now and add a 25% tax on all foreign buyers.

18. TICKETS AND TOWING – No subcontractors. City service with public dollars for public good. Make it publicly owned.

19. HOMELESS – We can fix the homeless problem easily. I will ask all billionaires, like Bill Gates, to voluntarily donate 1% of their wealth to homeless to fix the homeless problem once and for all.

20. FAIR MARKET- Comcast controls all internet communications. Internet should not be more than $10 a month for everybody.

21. CHANGE SITUATION- Reps and Dems destroyed America by using Corporations that destroy jobs.

AMERICA STANDUP!Only together we can bring America back to track and to common sense.
Of, by and for the people Vote for Alex Tsimerman


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