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Alex holding his famous Sign. Making a Statement.
I am Alex Tsimerman, President of StandUP-America and fighter for human rights for all my life. I came to United States and Seattle as a political and religious refugee. I escaped from Soviet Union fascism and KGB. I have lived in Seattle for approximately 30 years. In my life I have been a business man, consultant and independent caregiver for my mother. I have over 20 years of education in the engineering and management field. I have college and University education equal to the US’s Master’s Degee. I have always rented apartments and have had a few illegal evictions.

In 1997, I filed my first class action lawsuit against an apartment complex in Bellevue, which involved the King County Housing Authority for housing discrimination on behalf of hundreds of families, which included disabled, senior citizen and people with section 8. This is one of the biggest housing discrimination case in Washington State and has been going on for over 7 years in different courts, including petition signed by 100’s of people and complaints to many elected officials. You can read about this lawsuit in the Seattle Times. After this class acton, I feel I am the best housing expert from the people’s side.

In 2007, I filed my second class action lawsuit on behalf of 50,000 senior citizen, disabled people and caregivers against the Department of Social Health Services for stealing almost a 100 million dollars from these people. This case went on for over 8 years, including an appeal, a dozen complaints and 12 administrative hearings. This year Washington State will have to pay the stolen money back to those caregivers This class action was the first of its kind in American History and triggered similar class actions around many different states so a million people will get back money stolen by government departments. This information can be found everywhere, including the Seattle Times.

For the last few years, I, along with StandUP-America, have brought almost 50 cases against US Senators; State Senators; King County, Bellevue, and Seattle Council; many judges, prosecutors and policemen. All of these cases were dismissed, many without even being heard. This shows how deep the corruption runs in our justice system; it is very hard to find an honest judge that follows law and common sense.

To punish me for my political activity, class action and for running for King County Council position, the King County prosecutor charged me with obtaining funds illegally from DSHS as an independent caregiver – this case was a complete fabrication. The investigation went on for 8 years, costing the County over $100,000 while only charging me for legally obtaining a couple thousand dollars. This includes an absurd decision by the appeals court. The County’s action was not to obtain justice, but rather an attempt to silence a citizen acting against its corruption.

I have been prosecuted 3 times and have many trespasses given to me by the Mayor Adolf Murray, Seattle City Council and the Executive of King County, Dow Constantine. Since 2008, along with StandUP-America, I have spoken publicly about the corruption of our government over 1200 times in Council Chambers. You can see me everyday in council chambers.

I have spoken to the King County, Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, Burien, Renton, Kirkland and Shoreline Councils, etc. I have spoken to the King County and Seattle Housing Authority and Human Rights Commission and the Bellevue Human Rights Commission almost 100 times.

I made a few dozen complaints to many government agencies, including 7 discriminatory complaints to the Washington Human Rights Commission and 3 complaints to the FBI for government agencies who have stolen the people’s money. In addition, I have made a half dozen complaints (civil and criminal) to Seattle Police. All of these complaints were either not answered or dismissed.

I have more than 50 traffic tickets given to me by policemen. All tickets I bring to court and I ask the policemen to be present. A dozen of these tickets I have brought to Appeals Court. This is nothing unusual. This shows how the government suck blood and money from less protected class. I know how the system works and how the system doesn’t work. I have experience from 2 almost identical systems; I have experience from a corrupt bureaucrat Sovient Union empire and now with a corrupted bureaucrat American empire.

Elected Experience: None

Other Professional Experience: Business, Business consultant and Caregiver for my mother.

Education: Graduated from college, graduated from University, degree in Engineering and Management in 1973.

Community Service: Won class action in 1997 for housing discrimination, which included HUD. Won a very unique class action in 2015 against DSHS for stealing $100 million from 50,000 people. Speaking over 1200 times in many council chambers, with StandUP-America, about local government corruption to restore our Constitution, right to freedom of speech and our fundamental principle – life liberty and pursuit of happiness. You can see Mr. Tsimerman speak in council chambers every day!  President of StandUP-America.us

Only together we can bring America back to track and to common sense.

VOTE FOR ME… Alex Tsimerman!

My fundamental principle is:
“Life, Liberty and Pursuit of HAPPINESS

My hero is George Washington and Avrum Lincoln


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