I do not except money and I have and never will open a bank account for my elections. I believe the people’s brain & mind are stronger than money.

StandUP-America! Stop fascism with idiotic face. Vote fore Alex Tsimerman. Mayor.

It is time to stop the abuse of the system by elected officials and elite and bring power back to the people and our community.  I will do everything I can to bring America and Seattle back on track and to common sense! Restore our State and Federal Constitution and freedom of speech and justice for all. Ordinary Americans have lost all power – whether it be economic, political, media or legal. I believe and fought all my life to bring the power back to the people –

OF, BY and FOR the people!!!

See my buisiness plan, 21 point SALUTE TO THE NATION! This business plan can bring approximately 2 billion dollars back to the people… back to the Seattle community – without spending a “penny of the people’s money”! It very simple. Just read my 21 point SALUTE TO THE NATION! and you will see.

Stop corruption and restore the republic!

We can restore America back to the people without spending more of the people’s money! With the money that we have in the system, we can all feel comfortable. We need to restore common business sense to the system so everyone can have a equal piece of pie and be HAPPY.

We need to clean our City Government from dirty garbage rats who drink from Fat Cat toilets.

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